Compatibility And
Technical Info

What is this ERPlayer

ERPlayer is a WordPress plugin for Elementor, to add a web radio player to yoru pages, with customizable design, position, colors, font, and backgrounds.

The plugin requires a WordPress website, Elementor and a web radio stream (like ShoutCast, Icecast or any other compatible source)


This player is compatible with any audio MP3 or AAC stream. 

Song titles

The song titles are compatible with any popular source format:

  • Icecast
  • Shoutcast V2
  • Airtime
  • Live365
  • Radionomy
  • Metadata (any streaming ICY metadata)

Protocol compatibility

Recent security measures from the most popular browsers will prevent streaming of unsecure radio streams through secure websites.

What does it mean?

This means that if your website is in HTTPS, also your radio stream needs to be available in HTTPS, otherwise you won’t be able to listen any music. This is not a player limitation, but a browser security feature.

There are many providers offering secure connection for your stream, so, if you plan on having your website under HTTPS, make sure your stream is accessible via HTTPS as well, and that it has a valid SSL certificate.

Pre-sale testing

We can test your stream for you, before buying. Just send your streaming URL via email to


Time To Build The Radio Player Of Your Dreams

ERPlayer is the most flexible radio player for WordPress and Elementor.
Is time to craft your own style!