WordPress Radio Player
For Elementor

Responsive, Flexible, Easy to use!

This incredible radio player for Elementor
will leave you speechless with its astonishing flexibility

4 Global Layout options

Change design with a click, go for a vertical card, compact bar, a full width bar or a minimal play button.


Works with any major provider

Any .mp3 or .aac stream, plus display titles and covers from Shoutcast 2 , Icecast, Radio.co, Live365, Airtime, Radionomy and more. Optionally display album covers. Setting your streaming channel is quick and easy!


Popup and

No space on your layout? Use the built-in popup option, or the fixed off-canvas positioning with 4 possible location, or the full with sticky bar! Anything is possible with this radio player!

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Discover endless possibilities

Versatility, Reinvented

Any radio streaming, any design style.

Supports Shoutcast, Icecast, .aac, .mp3, any any most popular streaming provider.


Automatically fetch song titles and album cover for the stream. Can use album covers also as backgrouns.


Use the theme font family or choose any Google Font family in a click.


Font size, line height, italic, bold, font spacing and more, independently for any line of texr.


Backgrounds, texts, links and alpha color settings


2 Layers background to set any color or image with alpha options. 


No coding required to set advanced design options as margin, padding and more

Border radius

Fit your website style with any border radius.


4 built-in design provided: card, bar, fullscreen bar and simple play button.


Add as many players as you want: playing one will stop the others automatically!


Optionally use popup and modal (fixed positioning) options to fit any minimal design style.


Optionally store the radio channel settings in a custom post type for a simple reuse across more players.


Change Any Setting, Visually

Colors, fonts, backgrounds and more: create your own player! Without any coding knowledge you can build the perfect style to match your radio statio design and brand.

Functionality options

  • Show or hide the playlist button: If you have a single channel, you can just leave it hidden.
  • Display volume control: allow the users to change the volume, or just use the preset one? Now is up to you!
  • Start volume: fit your preference with the perfect music volume

Layout settings

  • Layout variants: choose among card, horizontal player, fullscreen bar or simple button
  • Position: inline or fixed, as off canvas widget, with a toggle button. More info and example.
  • CSS styling: no coding required to change size, radius, shadow, margins and more

Any font family and style

  • Separate selectors: the radio name, song title and artist names can be set with custom font styles independently
  • Custom ine height, letter spacing and styles: create the most unique styles with a complete typography setup
  • Indipendent players styling: you can create a unique style for every player in the page

Background styles

  • Background color: easily pick a tint and transparency, you can also make the background transparent!
  • Background image: set a custom background image, as alternative to the radio logo or the album cover
  • Background opacity: obtain subtle style variations with a custom alpha channel on the picture of the player.

Text color pickers

  • Main color: easily pick a contrast color for the text and icons, to match any background.
  • Accent color: pick your brand color matches for links and hover effects

Most compatible web radio player ever seen

  • Compatible with any mp3/aac stream: any audio source works with the player!
  • Unlimited channels: perfect for single radio websites, multi bandwidth channels (mobile/desktop) or multi-radio websites
  • Logo fallback: set a custom standard logo/cover tor the channels without a logo
  • Album cover background: automatically set the radio logo or the song album cover as player background, for a dynamic fun!
  • Search album cover: yes! This player will find the album cover for you!
  • Providers compatibility: Shoutcast V2, Icecast, Radio.co, Live365, Airtime, Radionomy and ID3 stream tags: this player is the WordPress radio player with the largest providers compatibility!

Why ERPlayer?

Our most powerful player, ready for your music.

Fast and easy

No coding required: get your player up and running in 60 seconds! Change font, colors and shape visually!

Fit any brand

Customize colors, backgrounds, shadow, text, radio logos, default images, opacity and more.

Well documented

Any functionality is clearly explained with examples, but you won't probably ever need it!

Any stream

Connect Shoutcast V2, Icecast, Airtime, Live365, Radio.co, Shoutca.st, Radionomy and any text feed

Feline flexibility

More than 120 design options, popup player, footer bar player, modal player: endless combos!

Fast support

7 Days on 7 get support straight from us, within a few hours!


Works with any mp3 or aac stream and any major radio provider.

*any logo belongs to the respective company. We are not affiliated with any rovider and the streaming service is not part of the product

Frequent Questions

This is a WordPress plugin to add unlimited radio stream players to your website, using the popular Elementor page builder. It is compatible with all of the major streaming providers, and we plan to extend the compatibility with any new one we find.

Yes, this is just a player, you need a streaming service like Shoutcast, Icecast, Radio.co, Shoutca.st or any other to use this player. This is just a plugin for WordPress, not a streaming software nor a radio provider.

No, you can use the Radio Player it also via shortcode, but some design options are only available through the Elementor editor.

Any valid MP3 or AAC stream is supported. The player can read the metadata from the audio stream, or read the XML/JSON information from all of the major providers like Shoutcast, Icecast, Radio.co, Live365, Airtime, plain text and more.

Yes, for any radio stream compatible with the player, which are 99.99% of them.

The player automatically searches on iTunes the artwork  using artist and title of the current song. If not found, the logo of the radio channel will be used as fallback. The maximum resolution of the image is 100px.

We can test the stream for you: please send us your streaming details using the contact section below, and we will provide a real time test of your stream using ERP – Radio Player for Elementor.

We provide a 100% “no questions asked” refund policy within 7 days.

You are never alone! Our support is provided directly via helpdesk from the software developers: we do not outsource the support to external call center, only 5 stars quality service!

ERP contains a built-in “popup” version, to open the player in a popup window, compatible with any website, to keep the music playing in background. But, if your website uses ajax, you can add the player in the menu. This mostly depends on the website you’re using. We are also working on a new Ajax plugin, but is not out yet.

Virtually unlimited, in the practice, until your server blows up. You can add a different player for each radio, or add any radio channel to the same player. The plugin also features a custom “Radio Channel” post type, allowing to create the list of radios once, and display them automatically, without entering the straming details every time.

Totally! Change colors, fonts, backgrounds, background images, even use the radio logo as background, or use the dinamically retriven Artwork of the current song as background.

Sure! Each radio can have its own logo, and you can set a default artwork if a radio has no logo.

The CodeCanyon.net license includes 6 months of renewable support and lifetime updates.

If your site is in HTTPS, also your stream should be in HTTPS. This is not a limitation of this player, but of the browser security, as since Chrome 80 you cannot load unsafe medias into a safe page. There are many providers giving you HTTPS streaming, so if your actual stream is in HTTP only, you should ask your actual streaming provider for the safe link, or go for another provider. In alternative, just put your site in HTTP and all will work as before. Please understand that this is NOT a plugin limitation, but a security block imposed by modern browser standards.

Time To Build The Radio Player Of Your Dreams

ERPlayer is the most flexible radio player for WordPress and Elementor.
Is time to craft your own style!


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