Server type: Automatic (Metadata)

This method allows to read the song titles from the metadata of the stream. Is based on the standard ICY metadata.


Once added the MP3/AAC stream URL and selected the Metadata option for the titles, the titles should appear instantly.

More info and troubleshooting

This uses a server side connection, which means that your web server requires to connect through the same port of your stream.

So, if your stream URL is for example

Your port is “1234” and your website server has to allow connections on this port. Ony your hosting provider can verify this setting and eventually open the port for you.

Most of the streams can use this method, which saves you any further setting, and is usually a standard for any streaming provider.

If it doesn’t work (no titles appear and the port is open) probably your streaming provider is not publishing the “icy” metadata.

Side info: ICY stands for I Can Yell. ICYcast was also the name of the “beta” builds of SHOUTcast.