This radio player for Elementor is extremely customizable both in shape and colors. In this section you will see only the layout parameters. In the next pages you will see colors, backgrounds and typography functionalities.

4 templates:

  • Card: a vertical card player, perfect for a column
  • Bar compact: a horizontal design to fit a menu or any horizontal partial space. You can change the maximum width.
  • Full width bar: better when used in a fixed position, can be placed at the top or at the bottom
  • Button only: no channels, optional volume control. The playlist is not available.

3 locations:

  • Inline: it means that the player appears in the exact location where you drag it, in your Elementor page
  • Fixed: it means that the player stays in a corner (you choose where) and its visibility can be toggled with a button
  • Popup: it means that the button will cause a popup to open.

Design parameters

This player has a huge amount of layout variables, to fit any website design and available slot of space.

Some parameters are available only for specific templates.